From Fraud Victims To His Own Bank Account Ilan Tzorya Was In Control Of The Entire ‘Pan-European’ Fraud Network And Monitored Every Process

Over and over again, Ilan Tzorya has denied being behind many illegitimate online businesses, including money laundering, binary options trade fraud, extortion and blackmail powered under the massive pan-European fraud vehicles, Tradologic, FinTelegram and EFRI.

Being the parent company to almost all cloned brands and companies belonging to Tzorya through strawmen, Partnerships like the case of Uwe Lenhoff’s Veltyco Plc, plus a legally registered patent for the manipulative binary options trading platform (the Tradologic platform), Ilan Tzorya has been behind every fraud operations carried out by his team, despite denying his involvement every time he’s asked about it.

According to the reliable information gathered by our team, Ilan Tzorya was not only aware of all the processes within his extensive fraud networks—starting from where the money moves from victims, how the money is laundered, up to a point where the money gets to his account.

According to the details of Tzorya’s indictment by an Austrian court in Vienna, “llan TZORYA from July 25, 2012, to January 28, 2019, as (further) managing director of Tradologic Group, as sole owner and de facto managing director of Super Dev EOOD, as temporary (Co-)operator the “Brands” “OptionStars”/” OptionStarsGlobal” and “Safemarkets” and until September 2018 as (Co-) owner of via the E&G group via call centres in Sofia, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and other locations operated “Brands,”” a document from the Austrian Central prosecution detailed.

In his efforts to create an enormous fraud ecosystem, Tzorya and his confidants created more than 240 brands with fake websites powered by his Tradologic platform to dupe unsuspecting individuals, {most of whom were European retirees} into investing in fake trades around binary options, CFD, forex, and crypto investments, which resulted into tens of thousands of victims and nearly EUR 1 billion lost in the well-fashioned fraud scheme.

GMP and GAP: Email Evidence Ilan Tzorya’s High Profile Involvement

Ilan Tzorya is synonymous with a sophisticated criminal robbing unsuspecting clients of their investments multiple times and, in numerous ways, amassing enormous wealth. Despite being the mastermind, owner, and the ultimate decision-maker of the various frauds networks uncovered in the past, the fraudster crypto-billionaire has always denied the truth anytime he’s questioned over his involvement in various fraud ventures by police or the press. However, the email evidence gathered by our team pins him right at the top of every operation.

According to the investigations done by the Austrian office of central prosecution, Delzar Mohamed Khalaf was very instrumental in the drafting, proposing, and actualization of most of Tzorya’s business project across many brands. Delzar was a top management employee of Tradologic. And a CFO of the E&G network. After two years or so, Tzorya hired him to lead Krypton Capital. He has been a key person in Tzorya’s circle for more than five years as Tzorya’s financial controller and project manager. Delzar was also the chief financial officer (CFO) of the famous E&G network.

In a private email conversation between Ilan and Delzar in May 2017, Tzorya discusses the accounting issues with Delzar and reminds Delzar that the GAP company should receive money and only send it in parts to GMP, a company that Tzorya owns.

In the screenshot above, Delzar explains to Ilan how GAP would be used as a buffer and having its class as internal. In other words, Delzar’s explanation reveals GAP was used as a money-laundering vehicle, and the money was deposited to GMP in bits to avoid raising suspicion over the illegal activities the company was engaged in.

Delzar explains how the whole process of how the money will move from the victims, Tradologic brands through the payment processing companies, payment of expenses, and how the money gets to Tzorya bank account. And then Tzorya responded by saying that’s something he had also thought of, as it is in the conversation attached below.

By saying he was okay, and that’s what he also had thought of, shows clearly that Tzorya was on top of everything and even understood how the money would move upwards to his account and be laundered. 

In another separate conversation between Tzorya, and Gal Barak, Tzorya urges Barak to take all the accounting from the at the time E&G accountant, and make a list of what they work with her. Following Tzorya’s request, Delzar responded, saying it was already in progress and didn’t need to rush it. Delzar then explains how they will work out their money laundering plans internally and only have an external office for legal purposes.

“It is already in progress. Please don’t rush it,” responded Delzar Khalaf.

“As I updated you, we will take almost everything internal and will use the external accounting office of our choice just to deal with the tax authorities.”

After Delzar’s response, Tzorya agrees and asks him to do a private accounting for his and Barak’s side separately and privately. This is yet another evidence that Tzorya was engaged in fraud business and tried, by all means, to keep everything under the carpet.

In a separate conversation between Tzorya and Delzar, Tzorya can be seen instructing Delzar on recording the money transferred from GAP to GMP without making the figures unrealistic. He even gives an example of how accounting should be done.

After explaining to Delzar what to do, Tzorya instructs him to send the report once done with the accounting.

From all the incidences we’ve highlighted in this article, backed with screenshot evidence, Ilan Tzorya was indeed the ultimate mastermind of the fraud business and money laundering networks, including E&G, Fintelegram and EFRI, in which he has been pointing blaming fingers to other associates such as Uwe Lenhoff.

Without a doubt, Ilan Tzorya is a fraud mastermind, rogue business owner, and operator that should be held accountable for the financial damage his networks caused to thousands of innocent victims.

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