Delzar Khalaf: A Rogue Accountant behind E&G Group

Delzar is one of the key people in Ilan Tzorya’s inner circle handling critical business activities on his behalf. Being a certified accountant, Delzar has been one of the most conspicuous individuals working for Tzorya in TRADOLOGIC, E & G group, and Global Media Partners (GMP).

According to the information gathered by our team, Delzar was a Chief Operations Officer (COO) and also served in the post of assistant finance supervisor at TRADOLOGIC and Krypton Capital. Being one of Ilan Tzorya’s most trusted confidants, Delzar was also the chief financial officer and managed Global Media Partners Inc.

Due to his critical role in Tzorya’s businesses, Delzar still works in other Tzorya-owned companies. He’s currently the chief operations officer at Krypton Capital, a company entirely owned by Ilan Tzorya. Delzar served an integral role in Tzorya’s businesses and was potentially exposed to illegal financial activities, including money laundering and other incriminating information.

Ilan Tzorya’s Right Hand

From Ilan Tzorya’s Tradologic company, DTIG, GMP BVI, Krypton Capital Ltd, to the massive E&G operations, Delzar Khalaf has been playing a critical role in enabling Tzorya’s fraud businesses across Europe and beyond. According to several pieces of email conversation in our possession, Delzar has always been at the heart of almost every conversation and decision-making process within Ilan Tzorya’s inner circles.

Be it creation or buying of another brand or strategic business planning, Delzar was always part of Tzorya’s insider team that actively contributed to their master’s success in fraud schemes.

And as an accountant, he always prepared reports and controlled the entire accounting team. Not to mention, Delzar has also been a key player in Tzorya’s brand acquisition strategy and has always prepared financial reports for Tzorya’s businesses.

Delzar suggested several businesses and how the money would flow from E&G brands to GMP BVI and finally to DTIG, the parent company for most of Tzorya’s owned businesses. Being the CFO of E&G Group, Delzar also took part in one of Europe’s largest fraud operations that scammed many victims from more than five countries with a false promise of quicker and easy profits.

While  Tzorya implicated Gal Barak to be the owner of the E&G business, Delzar was above Barak in the hierarchy of operations, taking orders directly from Tzorya and executing critical tasks without consulting Barak, who was reduced to just a strawman.

Barak was just a strawman assigned by Tzorya to be just an icon, allowing him {Tzorya} to run the entire operation behind the scenes under Barak’s name. He had the power to propose business projects and make a decision in most cases without even consulting Gal Barak. And if he did, it was all about Barak signing documents without questioning anything.

The Innocent Criminal

Delzar was one of the chosen few who managed critical business processes within the E&G network. Despite not being the mastermind of the fraud ventures and other Tzorya-owned companies, Delzar controlled all the company’s finances and was exposed to incriminating business information and activities.

Like Tzorya, Delzar is part and parcel of the fraud perpetraded by the E&G networks, making him part of a formidable force behind the massive fraud schemes steered by Tzorya and his close confidants. Even though Ilan’s confidants, including Delzar, aren’t independently sued for enabling illegal business, their activities within the massive fraud networks make them outright criminals.

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