Alleged  Corrupt Austrian and German Criminal Investigative Authorities Goes for  Minor Fraudsters While Ilan Tzorya and Other Known Top Criminals Walk Scot Free

Since 2019, when the efforts of a joint Austria-Germany investigation into the murkier binary options and crypto trade gained traction, Ilan Tzorya has been in the spotlight for masterminding and running businesses that left many victims defrauded. However, the criminal’s top gangs led by Ilan Tzorya are yet to face any punitive measures or be held to account for their outrageous fraud operations in Europe and beyond.

With many arrests and extraditions made by the German authorities in  2021 and 2022, there are more than meets the eye as only ‘smaller fishes’ in the industry face extraditions and prosecution while fraud lords get away with large-scale fraud and financial scams.

While it’s apparent that Ilan Tzorya, Werner Boehm, and Elfriede Sixth are among the top financial scammers, who have also perfected their strategies to get away with crimes, the three have never been subjected to thorough investigations and their proceeds of crime confiscated.  

From the list of those who have been arrested since the operation began, its clear the allegedly corrupt Austrian and German police have been going for people running small scams, leaving behind the binary options scams and fraud operations’ masterminds. 

Ilan Tzorya above the Law?

According to a report published by the German authorities, Ilan Tzorya has been under police radar since 2017 for masterminding massive fraud operations across Europe and beyond. But the self-made scammer has never been arrested, detained, or his assets confiscated. Instead, he has been enjoying his freedom after being engaged in a few questioning sessions by the Austrian police. 

Unlike Tzorya and his top partners: Werner Boehm and Elfriede Sixt, people who run the same scams on a much smaller scale, have been hunted down, arrested, and prosecuted without many delays.

Over the past, Ilan Tzorya and his close confidants have never been subjected to such tougher measures. No arrests have been made! No lawsuits filed! No assets seized! None of the mafia team’s accounts has been frozen!

So, are they above the law? If not, why are they not being subjected to the full force of law and justice served? Something is probably a miss! And as a result, fraud masterminds and top operators are on the loose, enjoying every bit of their freedom without fear or guilt.

Despite citing Ilan Tzorya as the mastermind of a sophisticated chain of fraud networks supported by hundreds of call centres and fake trading websites across Europe, no individual suits have been filed against him. Besides that, no compensations have been made to the fraud victims. 

From all the scenarios mentioned, it doesn’t take rocket science to note the Austrian and German fraud investigation authorities have been significantly compromised by Ilan Tzorya and his team, resulting in more immunity for the arch criminals while sacrificing those at lower hierarchies.

In our next article, we’ll cover extensively how Ilan Tzorya, Werner Boehm, Elfriede Sixt, and their confidants continue enjoying their loot in full glare at the watch of joint Austria and German law enforcement agencies. The agencies have allegedly kept going for smaller fraudsters in the streets while defending the real mafias who should have been arrested and prosecuted many years ago.

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